Dirty ducts may contain mould, fungi, pollen or bacteria. All this is invisible to the eye, but presents a potential danger to your health. This also causes an imbalance in the air circulation which can also cause an increase in energy costs.

When your air ducts are dusty, the particles they contain are projected into the air you breathe when you start your system of ventilation or air conditioning or when your air exchanger is operating. The consequences are multiple: sneezing, lung problems, itching, redness of the eyes and skin.

Our methodology:

  • manual cleaning with vacuum cleaner of your ducts
  • checking and cleaning your engine
  • Filter replacement
  • Desert Storm robotic egg laying system
  • Speck bag
  • Decontamination with antibacterial products

We also offer a complete check and cleaning of your air conditioning which will prevent you from odour problems or additional costs during restart or operation.

  • Filter cleaning
  • Verification of your indoor and outdoor unit
  • Cleaning and decontamination
  • Verification of pressures