You need to install a ventilation in your house, but you don’t know which one to choose? Are you looking for a professional for the installation of an air conditioner or a complete air conditioning system for your company? Do you need to have your ventilation systems maintained or cleaned near Brussels, Wavre and Waterloo? Air Clean Ventilation, an expert company in the field of ventilation and air conditioning for individuals and professionals near Braine-L’Alleud, Charleroi and Liège is at your disposal.

Our services

We offer all our customers, individuals or professionals, tailor-made services for the installation, maintenance and repair of their ventilation and air conditioning systems so that they can enjoy healthy air every day. All our interventions are carried out after validation of a customized quotation 100% free of charge.


Air Clean Ventilation procède à l'installation de systèmes de ventilation, de gaines et de climatisation.

Nouvelle installation


Air Clean Ventilation veille à l'entretien de tous vos systèmes de ventilation et de climatisation.

Nos solutions d'entretien


Air Clean Ventilation nettoie professionnellement vos systèmes de ventilation et de climatisation.

Nettoyage impeccable


Air Clean Ventilation réalise une étude complète pour vos systèmes de ventilation et de climatisation.

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